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A Little About Me

My Story

Who says you can't follow your dreams AND make money doing it?

It all started in 2009, I had just moved back Vegas from Florida. It snowed that year, which is rare here in Vegas. So, I knew something good was going to happen that year. A family friend was starting a business credit company and asked if I would write the business plans for the many businesses they would be servicing. I had previously started a company in Florida and had by then written a handful of business plans, so I thought it would be interesting to write for someone else to help them get the funding they needed. In no time my friend had customers thanking him for the plan I had written for them and had great things to say about these plans I was making for them. Since then I have written many plans, too many to count (I really did lose count).


What sets me apart from the rest of Business Plan Writers out there is that I'm not scared to get my hands dirty doing the research, creating new ideas for their business, and advising them on what things can be more efficient for them to run their business successfully and receive the funding they seek. Writing for business was natural to me. As a kid I would write a lot about nothing and everything. When I found out there was a name for this I've been hooked ever since. 

Since I started my goal was to secure funding for all my clients. not just some of them, but all of them. Since I started I have been studying and perfecting my skills to bring this whole package together. Now, I offer you the full funding package, which includes

Business Plan Writing

Marketing Plan and Strategy


Grant Writing

(I don't just write the grants for you I do my research and find the right grants for your business).


I don't just give you a plan and send you on your way. I have created this package with your business in mind. I want your success as much as you do.. So much so, that I created my business around it.


Our Team

Business Development Specialist


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