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I originally founded these services on the idea that one company would get as much assistance as could be provided under one roof. Since then it has become part of a family business. We do not simply provide a business plan but a means of funding for starting your business or expanding your current business. 


In a great focus is now a division of the Non-profit, "God's Project", which is geared towards making a breakthrough in our communities. We are not solely interested in bettering the funding process crucial to businesses but are also focused on keeping strong the foundation of families. God's Project is geared towards providing the community with things that are critical to surviving and thriving. With the first of our projects addressing homelessness and childcare. Which are essential in stabilizing households, especially those with single parents.

In the coming future we will introduce many more projects of which are equally essential to a healthy community, but felt that these are the most important to building the foundational strength of parents and easing some of the uncertainty of being able to provide for their children. 


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